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What's new in version 5.4

WorshipAssistant is affordable software designed to help church worship leaders plan services and present song lyrics using a video projector.

Who needs Worship Assistant?
Anyone who plans, organizes, and manages worship services, small groups, concerts, holiday productions, etc. This program will revolutionize the way you plan any worship service!

KeepTrack of Worship Songs
Worship Assistant allows you to track information about each of the worship songs you use in your services and small groups. You can enter the lyrics and chords for each song and then display and print them in a variety of different ways. In addition to printing a master song list, you can also print overheads, lead sheets, and songbooks. You can also easily transpose songs to different keys.

Plan Worship Services and Small GroupMeetings
Once your songs are entered, you can easily select the songs you want to use in a particular worship service or small group meeting. You can then print out a set list, lead sheets, and song sheets. Anything you can can print, you can also output as a PDF file, which can be easily e-mailed to your team members! The program also allows you to track CCLI usage, and print a report when it comes time to report your usage.

Present Song Lyrics Using a VideoProjector
Worship Assistant allows you to display your song lyrics using a video projector. You can easily move from screen to screen and from song to song using the keyboard or mouse. Dual monitors are also supported!

Manage Worship Teams, Choir Members,and More
Worship Assistant helps you manage your worship team by allowing you to store information on each of your team members. A report containing this information can then be printed. You can also assign team members to worship sets.

All At an Affordable Price!
Worship Assistant is only $89 USD by Electronic Software Delivery, and $99 on CD-ROM. The program also comes with free unlimited technical support via e-mail.

System Requirements

  • Worship Assistant requires Windows 10.
  • Office 2010 or later is required to display PowerPoint files.

To download a free, fully functional evaluation copy of Worship Assistant click here.

To find out more about Worship Assistant, please see our FAQ page. You may also contact us with any inquires through our Help Desk.