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Worship Assistant FAQ

For more answers to frequently answered questions, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Q. How often is Worship Assistant updated? Is there a charge for updates?

Maintenance updates of Worship Assistant (e.g. v2.12, v2.13) are released regularly as problems with the program are reported and fixed. These updates deal primarily with fixing bugs, although we have been known to sneak in a new or improved feature. Minor updates (e.g. v2.1, v2.2) contain new features and enhancements to current features as well as any outstanding bug fixes. Maintenance and minor updates are a free download.

Major updates (e.g. v2.0, v3.0) contain major improvements to the program. There will be a small charge for these updates. Please note that you can always receive the latest version on CD-ROM for an additional $10 USD (plus shipping). Please see theOrder page for more information.

Q. How do I determine the version number of the program I am running?

The version number is displayed on the splash screen (the screen that is displayed when the program first runs) and on the Aboutwindow (displayed by selecting Help->About from the main menu).

The version is displayed in the following format: An example might be In this case 4is the major version, 2 is the minorversion, 0 is the revision, and3 is the build number. You will also see the version displayed and referred to in a more 'user-friendly' format. This format is derived from the major, minor and revision numbers. In this case the public version number is 4.20.

It is important to report the full version number when contacting technical support.

Q. Do I need to register or purchase a separate copy of Worship Assistant for each worship leader at my church who uses the program?

No, one registered copy of the program can be legally shared among up to three persons within a local congregation. Additional users require the purchase of an additional copy of the software.

Q. Why doesn't Worship Assistant come with a database of songs?

It would be a violation of copyright laws to include song lyrics and chords with the program. You will need to type in the lyrics and chords to those songs you are legally entitled to use. This involves a bit more work up front, but once it's done, you won't have to do it again.