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Domains FAQ

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What's the difference between a "sub" domain, and a"parked" domain?

A parked domain serves up the same content as the main domain associated with your account. For example, if your main domain was, and you had a parked domain, if someone called up in their browser, they would see the content of, but the address bar in their browser would still display

A subdomain takes it content from a directory beneath your main web directory (which is called public_html on our servers). So for example, if you had a subdomain called subdom on, the content would go in public_html/subdom. In your browser, you would access it by using, *or* you could use instead.

We have a third option called addon domains. Addon domains are similar to subdomains, except that they have a separate domain name associated with the content. So where the content may still be located in public_html/subdom on the server, you could have it called up when is entered in the browser.

Addon domains share the allowed resources of the main account (e.g. bandwidth, disk space, e-mail accounts, databases, etc.).

Will there be different FTP logon's for each domain available?

Yes, for subdomains and addon domains, but not parked domains. Also, because the content for subdomains and addon domains are in a subdirectory under public_html, the main account username and password will also provide access to this content.

If I have separate domains, can I have different e-mail addresses (i.e. and

Absolutely. On parked and addon domains these can be separate POP e-mail accounts that are also accessible through webmail.

Can I have different managers for the different domains?

Although you can give a person responsible for an addon domain their own password for uploading content via FTP, all other management is done through the control panel of the main account. This is the one drawback of addon domains.